Personal Finance Tips For You by Nocita Carter

Personal Finance Tips for You includes twenty-four topics covering an array of areas. The author states in the introduction “it is important to know as much as you can about managing your personal finances in these economic times.” Some of the areas covered are credit card traps, keeping on track to pay your bills, handling your checkbook, the price of gas, identity theft, catching up on retirement planning, what to do if you receive a lay off notice from your job, checking your credit report and talking about finances if you are planning to get married. These are just a few of the topics. There are many more.

The first topic covered is Don’t Get Caught Up in The Credit Card Trap, Stop Yourself Before That Happens. This is a very important chapter for everyone to read because it is so easy for this to happen in tough economic times. The author offers several excellent tips to help anyone who has this problem. It is clearly explained why it is so important for you to pay down the credit card debt.

Another important topic covered is How Do I Keep On Track to Pay My Bills on Time. The author gives the reader some tips on creating a budget and keeping track of your income and expenditures.

How do you survive the high cost of gas? We all know, not long ago the price of gas kept soaring. The author gives us many tips on how to save money by doing some simple things like consolidating trips just to name one of the pointers. There are many tips mentioned that I never thought of myself.

How do you establish your credit if you are young and just starting out on a job? Nocita Carter tells you exactly how to go about doing this.

Do you think you can save any money by just saving your change? This is one of the tips made by the author. I can personally vouch for this one because each day when I purchase an item, I take the change and add it to an old coffee can. After a few months, it gets quite full. I am always surprised by the amount of money I saved from my loose change.

I could go on and on with each chapter because there are so many good points in this book but I think you get the message and would get more out of Personal Finance Tips for You if you purchase it and read it yourself.

There are several aspects of this book that I really liked. It is written in language that is very easy to understand. It is not like some of the other books on finance that require you to have a dictionary by your side as you read. The book is very organized. Each chapter starts with an introduction to explain the topic. Once that is done, the author lists several tips to help the reader accomplish these tasks. Nocita Carter has written this book in a manner that makes the reader feel like they have a personal finance expert right there beside them. Personal Finance Tips For You is recommended for any age. It will be a valuable tool for younger people who are starting their first job. On the other hand, one is never too old to find something they did not know in this book. After reading this book, I learned quite a few tips to help me with my finances. You will find this an excellent resource guide to keep by your side at all times.

Personal Finance Budgeting – How Can it Help You?

Is personal finance budgeting of any use?

Indeed, it can be used to lower your monthly bills in case you know the right and the wrong way to use it. Specifically, it is a very effective tool in case have a lot of loans and you are dreaming to finally become debt free.

Should you loose the hope in case your credit score sucks?

Actually, you should never give up! Everyone has the capability for living debt free and have a true wealth no matter how much debt you have. If you are willing to make some real changes, then you can successfully adopt the idea of budgeting personal finances.

What would be the optimal start then?

The best start to your financial planning is to use a worksheet so you can understand what you are spending your money on and areas in which fields you can save money. People who sink till their nose in debts are those who do not know any plans for their expenses versus incomes.

Does it really make sense to do so?

A good personal finance budgeting is the one of the best saving money tips around. You can determine your goals and work out strategies to reach these goals. In this context, one of the best monthly budgeting tips is to be very realistic when you plan your expenses.

What is the most difficult part of personal finance budgeting?

The most difficult part of this process is to actually create a plan. Most times, it is this first step that is the most difficult. Therefore, start now with collecting your bills in one place so that you have an idea what the exact expenses per month are.

How can a worksheet help you in this context?

It does help to break down your expenses into categories. Then you can learn the areas in which you tend to break your limits or things that are not necessary and you can cut them out to save money.

What is the #1 mistake that almost everyone does?

Almost everyone exceeds his monthly limit and does not care to know the reason. This leads to a very bad situation. Indeed, the internet is full of many frugal living tips. They are of a high value for you in case you find yourself frequently overspending your limit.

What should you do to overcome this problem?

In this manner, I would strongly recommend it for you not to use credit cards. Instead, you should pay for everything in cash. You take out your planned amount of money each week and once you have spent that money then you are done for the week. You have to live with this.

Never overlook this tip!

The best way to be able to meet any challenges is to have some additional room in your plan for any necessary changes. Even if you do not have debt, a personal spending strategy in addition to home budgeting is always a good idea. The best way to keep good finances is to make sure that you spend less than the money you earn each month.

Finally, does it make sense to use personal finance software?

Yes it does in case you understand how it works and how it can help you. Many available software tools can be used for just documentation purposes and nothing more. Before you buy anything, check if this software can offer you alternative strategies and alerts in case of over limiting.

In addition, check if this software can be accessed online so that you can use it even if you are on holidays. Finally, check Google for the software name plus the word review to see what others experienced with this tool.